PLEASE NOTE: TPIC is a private club. Membership is available to Tacoma Point and Evergreen Point property owners only. Ownership of Tacoma Point or Evergreen Point property will be checked with the Pierce County parcel records for verification. Descriptions must include the names Tacoma Point or Evergreen Point. If different from mailing address, please include your Tacoma Point or Evergreen Point property address with your request. Requests not verified with proof of property ownership will be returned and payment submitted will be refunded.

Requests are processed almost daily. Keys are mailed out or hand-delivered to mailboxes. Keys are not available for pickup at any Board member's home. Please do not call or email to request a key.

Please do not contact our volunteer until ten days have passed since submitting payment, and you have not received your key(s). If, after ten business days, you have still not received your key(s),  please contact Tina at 253-350-2202.

What's that you say? You want to help make your parks even better with a donation? Awesome! We've added a donation button at the bottom of this page just for you!

For membership payments, there are still two options: pay by mail or or use the PayPal button below to pay with PayPal or a credit/debit card.

To pay by mail, fill out, print & mail this form with your check or money order.

Please make check for the amount of $85 for one key, or $150 for two keys, payable to:
1447 Tacoma Point Dr E
Lake Tapps, WA 98391 


 Mailing address:

 Property address, if different from above:


I would like a second key for an additional $65.   

Send email updates regarding T.P.I.C. activities and events to


To print: Right click, then select "Print" from the drop down menu.

Use your credit/debit card and pay online with PayPal!

Thank you for being a member. Have a fun year!
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